Season 3, Episode 7

The Duke of Toys

Jordan and Steve are at the Hollywood Heroes store buying and selling toys and getting everything organized. A customer walks in looking for an appraisal from Jordan. He brings in a Masters of the Universe bouncing He-Man Battle-Cat that Jordan says is worth $250 retail but he'll broker it for $400. In a few days, Jordan is headed to Birmingham, England for his first ever, International Comic Con. He wants to focus on bringing toys that have to do with American TV and film, but also wants to incorporate some English toys that he'll buy before the Con in England itself. Jordan and fellow toy hunter, Travis are headed to their first dig to focus on buying American toys first. They visit Sean at his storage unit in Harlem, NY who has tons of 80s toys. Right away, Jordan finds a group of 1988 Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures that he scoops up for $125. He also grabs a group of 17, 1985 Kenner Silverhawks that he fly's away with for $350, and a 1986 Matchbox Robotech Veritech Fighter for $80. Next stop is London! Jordan and sidekick, Dave head to Metropolis Vintage Toys in Warwick, England and meet Chris. He brings them to the back room so they can start digging for vintage English toys. Dave digs out a 1977 Lyonsmaid ice cream shop display that Jordan haggles away from 1100 down to 950 pounds. He then finds an English version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles) Rocksteady's Pogocopter that he grabs for 30 pounds, and a Palitoy Action Man Talking Commander for 145 pounds. Jordan and Dave then head over to their last stop before the Comic Con in Reading, England called Just Imagination Memorabilia where they meet Jim. The first item they find are a few sets of 1960s Chad Valley Give-A-Show Projector that Jim sells them for 100 pounds. Jordan then finds a Holy Grail piece hidden in the shelves. It's an extremely rare 1966 Ideal Batman Helmet, Cape, and Utility Belt that he buys for 5000 pounds and hopes to sell for almost double. Dave and Jordan are setting up for Birmingham Comic Con. Jordan's sales goal is 15,000 pounds, which is roughly $22,000 American dollars. Right off the bat, Jordan sells off some of the Silverhawks for 300 pounds. Jordan and Dave are selling tons of American toys but not having as much luck with the English ones. Jordan quickly decides he might be able to still come close to his sales goal if he lowers prices on the European toys and ups the prices on the US ones. They put the Batman Utility Belt on display to help get the word out about it. Another customer comes buy and buys a set of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for 400 pounds. Jordan doesn't quite make his sales goal but he's hoping to sell the Batman Utility belt for around $14,000 when he gets back to the States to cover his costs of this trip. But he did make new friends in a new country and has a better idea of what his next International Comic Con will look like.
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